Exhibition and Displays; Banner Stands; Digital Printed Banners

Are you participating in an exhibit, conference, or a trade fair? Whatever event it might be, Newcastle Signwriter can be your partner for stunning displays. We will help you create visually astonishing banners and impactful signs that can move people into action.

Digital Printed Banners

Digitally printed banners provide long-lasting graphics. When we digitally print a banner, we utilise water-based and UV-curable inkjet ink. As a result, the banners we print are weather and UV-fading resistant. This attributes make digitally printed banners ideal outdoor signage. But they are as effective as indoor signs, too. With our superior print quality, your banner will easily stand out. It will give people a reason to stop and read your message. As an added bonus, you can reuse your banner in other exhibits because of the quality we deliver.

Moreover, printed banners can afford you versatility. They can be displayed on a retractable stand, hung on any existing fixtures, mounted on a wall, or placed on a billboard. The options are endless. Clearly, printed banner is a powerful advertising tool you can use to attain your goals.

Not quite sure of your layout and graphics? No worries! Our team can conceptualise the layout and design for you. Your banner can become the centre of attention in any event, just let Newcastle Signwriter work our magic.

Banner Stands

Aside from having a stunning display, the stand you use is equally important to effectively get your message across. People actually notice the smallest details. No matter how elaborate your banner may be, a substandard stand can be a deal breaker.  Lucky for you, Newcastle Signwriter also offers banner stands that will stylishly hold your posters in place. Our banner stands are lightweight and portable. Wherever your exhibit may be, you can easily transport and set them up. They are designed to preserve the quality of the banner, ensuring that once displayed, the banner will not curl or crease. We have retractable, roll-up, and outdoor stands for you. Get in touch with us today to know more.