Despite the dynamic and constant evolution of signage, there are traditional types that do not go out of style. An example of which is a-frames. For decades, business enterprises in Australia have relied on a-frames to turn passersby into potential patrons. Up to this day, the tried and tested charm of a-frames still persists.

A-frame explained

A-frame signs, which are also referred to as sandwich boards, are generally used in sidewalks for retail advertising. These are portable, lightweight display stands that can hold posters or display messages in both sides. A-frames are quite popular because they can attract customers who travel by foot. But they are also useful as indoor stands as well, especially for trade shows and exhibits.

Although they are most commonly used in displaying the daily specials of restaurants and pubs, a-frames allow other usage. Like any other stand, it can carry all sorts of messages and information. Thanks to its double-sided attribute, passersby from both directions can read what it says. A-frame is a cheap advertising tool since it can be reused for an unlimited number of times. Changing content with a-frames is quick and easy. You can replace a poster in seconds or erase and write a new message if you have an a-frame chalkboard. Moreover, it can be relocated anywhere, making it easier to target customers and busy locations.

Newcastle Signwriter A-frame services

As your local signwriting expert, we offer a variety of a-frames for your business. We can provide you durable plastic, metal, and chalkboard a-frames. Do you have something specific in mind? We can also customise an a-frame for you! And to ensure that your advertising campaign is effective, we can also print the posters that would go on your a-frame. Our skilled team members can keep those fresh ideas and witty contents coming for improved sales and consumer engagement. And we will be happy to share with you awesome advertising practices that your business can apply.

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