Services We Offer

Newcastle Signwriter provides professional services in signage making. We are quite proactive in every project we handle. Excellence is our goal and customer satisfaction is our driving force.

Are you interested in acquiring our services? Below are specific ways we can be of service to you:


We know that only a small portion of the population understands the technicalities of signage. This is the exact reason why we encourage customers to contact us for any enquiries. We provide over-the-phone and personal consultations, whichever is more convenient for you.

Site survey

After consultation and once you are certain you need our services, we will visit your location and conduct site survey. This includes taking of measurements, examining of surface materials, assessing of site structure, and advising of necessary permits and safety precautions.


All the information we have gathered from the consultation and site survey will now be translated to a design. Our team can create designs from scratch or work from a draft you have made or a sample art, if you have one. We will base our design from your inputs and ensure that it will match your requirements and preferences. Our artists are trained to come up with creative and attention-grabbing designs. They will persist in creating designs until we get your prised approval.


After design, we will be on our way to transform what is on paper or computer into a state-of-the-art signage. We make the colours come time life, the lights dance as if there is music, and letters harmonise to form a perfect signage that will impact passersby. We follow high standard of precision and execution to maintain the superior quality of our products. You are guaranteed that when it is made by Newcastle Signwriter, it is durable and first-rate.


When we install signage, we consider all factors and ensure that it is securely and safely held in place.

Project management

If you want a hassle-free procurement of signage, you can take advantage of our project management services. We will handle the entire project from conception until its final completion, while you sit back, relax, and receive timely updates from our team.


The key to a long-lasting signage is proper and regular maintenance. Lucky for you, we also provide maintenance services to conduct routine check-ups, apply fixes, clean up the signage, and replace broken parts.

Professional signage services are within your reach. Do not settle for less. Contact us today!