Vehicle Signage

Stores are not the only ones that can carry your brand. Vehicles, thanks to their mobile character, present a smart and cost-effective way to advertise your brand and what you offer. When your company vehicles are impressed with your name, logo, and contact details, every trip is an opportunity to reach out to potential customers. And even when the vehicle is stationary in a particular spot, people who pass by it can still read your sign.

Newcastle Signwriter Vehicle Signage

Are you interested in dressing up your vehicle? Look no further than the expert in signage writing! Newcastle Signwriter can design and apply graphics on all sorts of vehicles. Here are the vehicle signage services we offer:

· Vehicle Wraps

We make creative bespoke designs especially suitable for cars. We can start from scratch or incorporate your existing ideas and designs. You can choose partial or full vehicle wrap, depending on your budget and desired outcome. With numerous choices for materials and car decals, you are set to be impressed with your new vehicle wrap.

· Fleet Signage

Do you own a fleet of company cars? No problem! Our team is equipped in handling fleet branding flawlessly. We understand that you want each vehicle to look similar and that is what we will deliver. After our work, your fleet will have professional-looking wraps. They will improve your company’s reputation and effortlessly promote your business wherever they may go.

· Car Magnets

Maximise the advertising potential of your vehicles. By adding car magnets on both sides of your car and even on its rear part, every drive becomes an instant advertisement. Give the cars beside and behind you something to read during traffic. Although you are bored and stuck on the road, your car magnets will give you gains by making fellow motorists aware of your business and how to get in touch with you.

· Truck Graphics

Since not all vehicles come in similar sizes and models, truck graphics require different considerations and special measurements. Just the same, we can do the job without a hitch for you as we also create graphics especially for trucks.

· Boat Signage

Finally, we also customise signs and decals for boats, yachts, and other nautical vessels. We can apply your registration number, ship name, logo, and other details you want in vinyl letterings or full-colour stickers. We utilise heavy-duty adhesive films to ensure that the sign will endure sea water and weather elements.

Transform your vehicles to cost-effective advertising tools. Receive free price quotation. Call us now!