Edgelit Signage

The world of signage has become more exciting when edgelit signs were developed. And this is because edgelit signage has provided an attractive and innovative way of advertising businesses and displaying messages. And they are unbelievably versatile. They can display literally any words and images, making them usable in all occasions and in every venue.

Newcastle Signwriter pays homage to the magnificence of edgelit technology. As such, our edgelit signage are engraved and cut with calculated precision, and revitalised with a lighting system pleasing to the eyes. If you want to make a huge impression day and night, installing edgelit signs inside and outside your establishment will prove to be worthwhile.

Newcastle Signwriter edgelit signage services

We offer 100% customisable glass and acrylic edgelit signs appropriate for various uses and locations. You can choose from several forms, sizes, and whether you want it as counter top, wall mount, flag mount or hanging. You also have full control of the content of the signage and background light colour.

Here are some specific edgelit signs we offer:

· Toilet Edgelit

One way of utilising edgelit signage is installing it as a toilet sign. With it, you can lead your customers to the restrooms in style. It also makes the toilet signs more visible and easier to find.

· Directional Edgelit

Entrance, exit, and arrow signs that point to a specific direction demand that they are noticeable and visible. This makes using directional edgelit signs a no brainer. They will particularly be useful in dimmer venues like movie houses, bars, nightclubs, and the like.

· Food and Beverage

You can also use edgelit for your menu displays. The elegant glow of the edgelit will illuminate your menu in a captivating manner and in the process will enhance your customers’ appetite.

· Others

Aside from the mentioned ways of using edgelit signs, we can also tailor edgelit signs to bear cashier, ATM, lift, and many more signs that your establishment might need.

For further enquiries, just call our hotline and our customer representative will be happy to entertain you.