Do you want a unique and creative look for your signage? One way of achieving that is through a lightbox. Choose from Newcastle Signwriter’s static custom lightboxes or state-of-the-art digital lightboxes. We can customise one for you, whether it is for interior or exterior use.

Ways to take advantage of lightbox

With lightbox, you can easily draw attention to your establishment or highlight a product or service you offer. Read on to find out how to maximise the advantages of lightbox signs.

· Retail storefront

Lightbox signs are generally used as storefronts of different establishments and as exterior signs of malls and restaurants. Traditional types make use of fluorescent lighting to highlight a brand. Today, LED illumination is also at your disposal. Whatever your intended usage and preference, fluorescent and LED lightboxes are equally effective.

· Window showroom and other indoor signs

Although commonly used as exterior signs, lightboxes also make stunning interior visuals. The lighting technology and graphics available today enable limitless possibilities for lightbox designs and displays. You can create visually captivating backgrounds for showrooms, exhibits, retail displays, restaurant menus, and many more.

· Customise

The beauty of using lightbox comes from its customisation possibilities. You can control every facet of your signage from the display size, lighting technology, colour temperature, enclosures, frames, finish, and mounting options.

· Lifespan

At an average, a lightbox sign has over 10 years of lifespan while the bulbs can last from two to six years, depending on the usage. To expand its life, you can conduct regular maintenance for the box and the lighting system. Selecting the right material is also a contributing factor. For instance, lexan helps keep breakage and unsightly cracks at bay.

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